handstaret_txt_c1The Qualvivo bacterial boxed-system has been developed to deliver high efficacy in infection prevention & control and immunotherapies.

The Qualvivo bacterial boxed-system is patent protected.



QV2403 has a tailor-made consortia of probiotic strains and prebiotic substances, delivering a ‘synbiotic’ preparation.

QV2403 uses the Qualvivo technology.

In the QV2403 has been tested for its ability to suppress growth of the pathogens such as Clostridium difficile. The multi antibiotic resistant Clostridium difficile strain NAP1/O27 is suppressed.



AptiCare is a family of nutraceutical products. The products contain probiotics, and they have unique and specific qualities adapted to the different needs of our customers.

The products have clever qualities, such as “Smart Delivery”, that directs the healthy bacteria to the right place in the gastrointestinal tract. The products are synbiotic and they contain fibres – so called prebiotics.