Lavivo helps you to a sound and healthy life, with the help of products that prevent bacterial infections and that create an ecological bacterial balance.


Stress, medications, global travel and an imbalanced diet are having an increasingly adverse effect on the health of the population derived from weakened immune systems. This manifests itself in the occurrence of serious ailments such as acute infectious diarrhoea (AID), ulcerative colitis (UC), traveller’s diarrhea, etc.

QUALVIVO was developed as part of the project “The Development of a Next Generation Probiotic Supplement for Treatment and Prevention of Antibiotic Associated Diarrhoea”. The Qualvivo project has recieved funding from the EC FWP 7 for SME.

The Qualvivo bacterial system concept allows high efficacy in infection prevention and interception.

The Qualvivo bacterial system concept is patent protected.



AptiCare is a family of nutraceutical products that helps you feel good. The products contain healthy bacteria, so called probiotics, and they have unique and specific qualities adapted to the different needs of our customers.

The products have clever qualities, such as “Smart Delivery”, that directs the healthy bacteria to the right place in the gastrointestinal tract. The products are synbiotic, they contain fibres – so called prebiotics, which together with the probiotics provide even better effect.